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Olive Oil


With love, respect and deep knowledge since 1915, in our modern olive oil factory which is one of the best in North Greece, we produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil.
Observing the most rigid health regulations,enforcing strict criteria and a series of repeated chemical and taste controls we guarantee the excellent quality of the products that offer you. Our long history in the field of olive oil continues responsibly.


Gourmet Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil by cold extraction & unfiltered

It is the natural juice of the olives. For its extraction we use only mechanical means and no chemical treatment. It is produced from a mixed color of olives (green, purple and black), has a mild flavor, a balanced and fruity taste and is a gold-colored olive oil. It is characterized as cold extracted which means that the process temperature never exceeds 27 C, maintaining  the vitamins, the antioxidants and the polyphenols. The Extra virgin olive oil is suitable for being used in salads, cooking and frying.


Early harvest evoo by cold extraction & unfiltered

It is produced from green olives only at the period of mid-October to mid-November so is produced in limited quantities. The acidity is low between 0,25 to 0,45. It is bright green-colored, the taste is strong with balanced bitterness and spiciness and has an especially intense fruity aroma.  The early harvest evoo contains big quantities in oleacein, a powerful antioxidant and oleocanthal known for its extraordinary anti-inflammatory benefits  These two compounds are very important for human's health, vitality and longevity. The bitterness on the tongue signifying oleacein and the peppery sensation on the back of the throat after swallowing, signifying oleocanthal. Scientific research has shown that they protect against Alzahaimer and stroke, seem to have a lightly protective action against depression and also anti-inflammatory activity.


Extra virgin olive oil boosts the  metabolism, stimulates the cells growth  and contributes to hematopoiesis.It helps the balance of cholesterol and diabetes and assists the better function of the digestive system and gallbladder. Furthermore, it protects from chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It affects the growth and evolution of the central nervous system and the brain of newborn babies and children while protecting from their distortion in older ages and helps the prevention of α stroke. Extra virgin olive oil seems to have a lightly protective action against depression. It protects from Alzheimer, ulcerous colitis (inflammation of lower intestine), helps prevent acute pancreatitis, and protects the liver.

Olive Oil Photography
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