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Our Store in Thassos

 We produce only extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted and unfiltered which is the superior category.

 All of our products are100% natural, contain no artificial colors, no preservatives or other additives. We produce soap, solid and liquid without chemical foamings,  beeswax cream for moisturizing, minor cuts and burns, suitable for babies also. Creams for face and eyes, beeswax cream with saint John's wort that is therapeutic against skin diseases, hair oil and body oil.

 You can find us at our new shop in Limenas-Thassos town opposite to the ferry boats. You have the opportunity to get our olive oil and our cosmetics in the same prices as in the museum of Panagia and additionally to find selected traditional products like honey, spoon sweets, wines from Greek varieties, ouzo, tsipouro etc.

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